Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Eagles of Death Metal.

i really love this group for their quirkiness. they’ve got some kinda spunky thingamagigger that makes you tap your toes and bop your head up and down. weird tribal noises, miscellaneous percussion, and groovin’ rock and roll guitars.

some notable favorites from past albums include “Solid Gold,” which is an amazing take on what i think you should get when you match jangly bluegrass guitar with futuristic egg shakers and syncopation. (plus, the first lyrics you hear are “sweat. work it out, baby.” this reminds me of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” in the best possible way.) also, “I Only Want You,” a straight rocker that gets right to the point.

their newest album, Heart On, keeps the ultra-fun ethos going with the same sorts of funky instruments and playful beats. some are saying that the new stuff isn’t as ridiculous or humorous as past material. really? i didn’t notice. the mood is still there.

“Wannabe in LA” starts off with Indian chanting, a Rolling Stones guitar line, tambourine shaking, and a weird effect that makes the bass sound like an instrumental version of how Steve Urkel talks (it’s kinda nerdy and nasal-y, if you can even imagine that in guitar terms).

“Secret Plans” reminds me of a less-experimental version of a Wolf Parade track.

“Heart On” (play on words, much?) has a rattlesnake hidden in one of the mics (listen to that sizzle!), fuzzy fuzzy guitar chorus, and the lovely falsetto lyrics that EODM are known for (or at least should be known for).

Overall, it’s the same plain ol’ fun. Get your groove on, and get this new album.

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