Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've had a place in my heart for Phoenix for a while now. They describe themselves as "4 Parisian boys with brotherly love." I describe them as 4 Parisian boys who create magical music love. These boys have been creating fantastic little pop ditties since '99.

You all might have heard "Too Young," my all-time Phoenix favorite. It's only been on a bajillion different soundtracks - Shallow Hal, Lost in Translation, some love story with Ashton Kutcher (ighhh, can't remember), etc, etc. 

Yeah yeah, there's no mistake in mixtape. But seriously - you cannot go wrong putting this song on any mixtape/mix CD you make. Unless it's a hi-i'm-going-to-slit-my-wrists mixtape. Phoenix might be a little too cheery for that.

Aaaaanyways, on to the new Phoenix. This week, they come out with Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Kudos to the sweet album name. It's f-ing fantastic. "Why?" you may ask.

1. "Fences" - This song kills it. It's everything you want from a new Phoenix album; it is slightly more entrancing and loopy than the average Phoenix song. It's not as straightforward as their standard pop songs. You get the tingle of little bells, wavy guitar, and the vocals sound a little more spacey and trippy than usual. I'm so into it.
2. "1901" and "Lisztomania" - Hello, Phoenix singles. These are timeless Phoenix. Staccato guitar, punchy drums, and Thomas Mars' hip vocals.
3. FREAKout. The middle of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix gets so fancy. "Love Like a Sunset," parts 1 and 2 are an epic adventure of electronica and experimentation. I don't know if I would have placed it right in the middle of the album, but I think I'm ok with it. Tons of keys and synths take Phoenix out of this world and back, and it's a natural progression from their typical pop music into something very cool. 

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